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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my granite stain?

Granite is sealed with a ‘Stain Stop’ to prevent spillages staining the surface. However spills should be cleaned off immediately to minimise the chance of staining. If a stain does occur, place a rag containing Milton or a similar product on the a

Can I put hot pans on my granite/quartz tops?

Whilst granite and quartz are durable to heat, it is recommended that a trivet or similar be used where possible.

Will my granite /quartz scratch?

Granite and quartz are very hard wearing materials and resistant to normal day to day types of scratching.

Will my granite /quartz chip?

Whilst being very hard wearing, granite and quartz are not impervious to chipping under very heavy usage. Large chips can often be replaced or glued back, making an almost invisible repair.

My granite/quartz will need joints, will these be invisible?

We bond our joints using glue mixed with a pigment to match the material, whilst not being totally invisible they are definitely not unsightly.

What is the maximum unsupported overhang I can have?

With a 30mm thickness of worktop we advise no more than 300mm of unsupported overhang, this will obviously be less for 20mm thickness. Greater thicknesses than the two advised then additional support would be required.

We are having our worktops template and fitted; do we need to be there?

Yes we require our templates to be inspected by you prior to our departure to ensure that all details totally meet the specifications provided for your project. There is the same requirement when it comes to the installation of the worktops.

Can your fitters sort out plumbing and electrical issues?

Our fitters are highly skilled people in the fitting of granite and quartz tops etc. However, they are not registered plumbers or electricians, so please don't ask them as a refusal often offends.

Can you take templates whilst my old tops are in place?

Ideally the old tops would be removed to enable us to take accurate templates and also inspect the carcasses to ensure they are stable and level.

I'm having an under-mounted bowl, how should this/these be fixed?

The under-mounted bowl or bowls as with all the relevant appliances should be available at the location at the time of templating to ensure accurate positioning. With regards to the fixing of an under-mounted bowl or bowls, they should be mounted into a M